Most Expensive Model Ships in the World

There are millions of model ships out there. Some assembled by enthusiastic little kids, some collected by avid collectors, and some, that are bought for a whole lot of money.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen a lot of model ships be sold for a lot of money and we are talking about for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Most of the model ships are replicas of the biggest cruise and warships built by man. If you want something new to discuss during your next meet-up with your fellow model ship lovers, here is something you can talk about. The most expensive model ships in the world.

RMS Mauretania 12ft long Model Ship – £162,000

The ocean liner RMS Mauretania was launched back in 1906. This massive ship was once the holder of the largest ship ever built. It was designed by Leonard Peskett and then built by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson for the British Cunard Line.

In 2015, a 12-foot wooden replica of this particular ship was sold for a whopping £162,000. The 1:64 model was crafted by Hunter as well. This model ship is profound and a treasure because of its history.

The RMS Mauretania is the sister ship of the ill-fated Lusitania that was sunk by a German vessel in 1915.

It is one of the most detailed and decorative models you will ever see. Today, it still holds the record for the most expensive model ship in the globe. The model ship was built to celebrate the RMS Mauretania when it was deployed back in 1906.

We’ve seen this model face to face, and it is surely a dream come true. We believe the same can be said for so many of our readers out there.

HMS Terrible Model Battleship – £89,000

There is nothing terrible about this model battleship. The HMS Terrible, a powerful class, the second and the last powerful class built for the Royal Navy back in the 1890s. The ship played an integral role during the Second Boer War in South Africa, especially during the Relief of Ladysmith back in October 1899.

Its replica was a steam-powered vessel and it represented the HMS Terrible for what it was about, power. The model battleship was made by Germany’s toymaker Marklin in 1905. The model battleship was sold at an auction for £89,000.

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