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Model ships, model trains, model railways, etc., are just merely hobbies for most people. Well, in a way they are. However, there are avid fans out there that truly value these modelled transportations at a reduced scale more.

Meet Fred

At a young age, Fred Williams, from Union Terrace, Londesborough loved model ships. His earliest memory of a model ship is when he was 5 years old and his parents bought him one of the earliest ship series by Tamiya.

Fred spent most of his days with his parents building the ship. Fred was able to show great focus and dedication to accomplish something.

He would wake up early, wake his parents up, and go to the garage to continue on their home project. Growing up, Fred assembled and built more than 500 model ships and trains. Many of these are now displayed at his childhood home.

RJ Model Ships

Fred studied hard and is now an environmentalist and conservation forester. He has been part of several environmental and preservation campaigns across England. Fred managed to create a living in his craft, but he never let go of his passion and love for model ships.

In 2015, Fred opened a small model store that sells ready to build model ships and model trains to the locals in his village. His products were offered at affordable prices and they were of good material.

He named the store RJ Model Ships after his parents, Richard and Jude. Every Saturday, he would close up shop to make way for a model ship assembly demonstration. Parents would bring their kids to get front row seats on how Fred built a model ship from scratch.

It was a great experience for Fred, the kids, and their parents. Fred popularized the hobby of assembling model ships and trains in their community. He then decided to share it all with the rest of the world.

The RJ Model Ships Blog

In 2016, Fred bought a domain and launched the official RJ Model Ships blog. The blog tackled everything about model ships and model trains. The building, assembling, radio-controlled equipment, toy model ships, and so much more.

The blog connected to several people all over the country. Today, it is one of the most visited blogs in all of England.

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